Niagara Transit RFP Award
MTB Transit Solutions is pleased to announce the award to perform mid-life refurbishment of Niagara Transit’s Nova buses!

MTB will complete full exterior and interior refurbishment along with upgrades to four of their 2009 Nova heavy duty transit buses.

This will provide Niagara Transit with buses to supply services to their customers until the end of their useful life.

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Minister of Infrastructure Meeting
Minister of Infrastructure Meeting

On December 1, 2020, MTB Transit Solutions President Gara Hay sat down with Infrastructure and Communities Minister Catherine McKenna, the MP for Halifax Andy Fillmore and the MP for Newmarket-Aurora Tony Van Bynen to discuss our ZEV Clean Power Program and how the initiative can bring tremendous benefits to communities across Canada and helps transit operators achieve their GHG reduction goals quicker!

Learn more about the benefits we are bringing across Canada with the ZEV Clean Power initiative here
Innovating Municipal Transit through Refurbished & Repowered Fleets
An Incremental Approach to Cleaner Transit
Big Talk – Episode 28 – Same old? Same old!
Big Talk with guest speaker Gara Hay, President of MTB Transit Solutions, at the 21:00 mark
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