Breaking New Ground: DTI and MTB’s Innovative Collaboration for Sustainable Transit Solutions

Breaking New Ground: DTI and MTB’s Innovative Collaboration for Sustainable Transit Solutions

13 May, 2024 – Diesel Tech Industries (DTI), a pioneer in transportation technology, proudly announces an innovative collaboration with MTB Transit Solutions (MTB) under their ZEV Clean Power program, a renowned authority in bus and truck repairs, refurbishment, and repowering across North America. This partnership heralds a new era in sustainable transit solutions, as MTB installs DTI’s Patented Guardian Hydrogen-Diesel Dual Fuel System into existing fleets within Ontario and neighbouring areas.

The partnership between DTI and MTB marks a significant stride towards emissions reduction and environmental stewardship. MTB will spearhead the sales, installation, and distribution of the Guardian Hydrogen Dual-Diesel Dual Fuel System, augmenting its arsenal of innovative technologies aimed at enhancing operational efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. This strategic alliance underscores the shared commitment of both entities towards advancing sustainable transportation solutions and driving the transition towards a low-carbon future.

“The collaboration between DTI and MTB represents a pivotal moment in our collective efforts to revolutionize the transportation industry with innovative, eco-friendly solutions. Together, we have the opportunity to set new benchmarks in lowering emissions and championing environmental sustainability,” remarked Rebecca Goldsack, Chief Operating Officer of Diesel Tech Industries.

MTB’s dedication to excellence aligns seamlessly with DTI’s mission to deliver transformative technologies that empower businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving landscape. By integrating the Guardian Hydrogen-Diesel Dual Fuel System into its operations, MTB reaffirms its commitment to driving innovation and setting the standard for sustainable transportation solutions.

As the transportation industry continues its journey toward decarbonization, DTI and MTB stand at the forefront, ready to lead the charge toward a cleaner, greener future. This partnership exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving meaningful change and underscores the collective resolve of industry leaders to build a more sustainable tomorrow.

“MTB is excited to be working with DTI in providing bus and truck operators with this new dual fuel technology that will lower their operating costs while helping them reach their GHG reduction goals sooner.” remarked Gara Hay, President of MTB Transit Solutions.

About MTB

MTB is the leading bus and truck repair and refurbishment specialist in North America. The company’s 45+ year history, commitment to quality, and customer service provides the foundation for the premier reputation in the industry. Headquartered in Milton, Ontario, MTB operates out of a state-of-the-art facility providing Refurbishment, Repair, and Repowering from diesel to zero emission propulsion to the transportation industry.

About DTI

Diesel Tech Industries was founded in 2005 in Edmonton, Alberta and has taken on multiple challenges that have faced the trucking industry over the years. Working at a fast pace to develop some of the most innovative products in the transportation industry. Diesel Tech Industries is developing the Guardian Hydrogen-Diesel System, the latest technology innovation as a solution to this challenging market. After talking with numerous clients and partners, the solution provides a dual-fuel hydrogen blending solution with a new proprietary multi-port injection system, paired with full ECM integration and control system. The Guardian HDS technology will be supporting fleet operators with the energy transition and ensuring competitiveness and economics for their fleets.


Tom Glover, SVP-Sales & Marketing
MTB Transit Solutions

Jay Menard, PMP VP-Project Management
MTB Transit Solutions

Kelly Wry, Business Development Manager
DTI Guardian